Metabo In 1923, Albrecht Schnizler constructed the first hand-held drill. The name Metabo is derived from this metal drill. Today, the company with tradition employs almost 2,000 persons, 1,200 of which in Nürtingen, Germany. 25 subsidiaries and more than 100 agencies ensure that Metabo's premium solutions can be found in almost all countries.
Apart from mains-powered and compressed air solutions, company continuously focus on the vision of a cordless construction site and is leader in the battery pack technology in order to offer more freedom with the highest possible power to professionals. Metabo holds more than 700 patents and property rights. The Swabian supplier of robust, powerful and ergonomic professional solutions develops and produces for users in construction and renovation and metal trade and industry.
Einhell Einhell Germany AG is a medium-sized company headquartered in Landau an der Isar. For over 50 years Einhell has stood for solutions for DIY enthusiasts and craftspeople, for home, garden and leisure. From A for adjustable springs to Z for zinc-plated trestle tables, Einhell develops and sells innovative products in more than 90 countries and over 39 subsidiaries.
Since Josef Thannhuber started out as a sole trader in 1964, the company has grown into an exceptional employer for over 1,600 employees worldwide. But Einhell stands for much more: We are the ones hard at work when others are just arriving. We are the ones with simple solutions, quality and genuine service at the best price-performance ratio. We are the ones who inspire with functional products and innovations and create unlimited opportunities for our customers so that they can enjoy their freedom.
 From cordless screwdrivers to electric lawn mowers: Einhell Germany AG develops and sells state-of-the-art tools for DIY enthusiasts, hobby gardeners and handymen. Our wide product range covers a wide range of applications in home and garden, as well as garage and workshop. In addition to reliable quality, comprehensive services and an outstanding price-performance ratio, the Einhell brand stands for freedom, simplicity, security and joy in the realization of own projects.
Lavorwash Group is worldwide leader in cleaning industry since 1975 and offers a wide and complete range of cleaning machinery suitable for any kind of applications, both indoor and outdoor relying on a thirty-five years’ experience.
Over the years, Lavorwash has grown to become a specialist manufacturer of professional and household cleaning systems, acquiring various leading brands and diversifying its own range to offer innovative products of excellence.<
Depending on the sales channels, Lavorwash has several recognizable brands with different colors and specific product ranges.
The Lavor product range is constantly expanding to guarantee effective cleaning in every kind of situation, indoor or outdoor. The Lavor family of products includes high-pressure washers, wet/dry vacuum cleaners, sweepers, steam surface cleaners, floor washer/driers and steam generators. All these products undergo constant improvement thanks to the company's commitment to Design and Research & Development, which considers the aesthetic aspect as well as ergonomics.
Lavor products are simple and practical to use, effective and supremely attractive in design.
WATT WATT is a brand of power tools manufactured specifically for consumers from Eastern Europe. The official representative of WATT in Belarus is the SPI group. Our companies have been operating in the market of household and professional tools, as well as compressor and gasoline equipment for more than 20 years. The development of the model range takes into account many years of experience in the operation of power tools by users in European countries. In 2005, it was decided to launch the range of power tools on the domestic market under its own brand. Each model of the power tools is brought to the market after careful and painstaking preparatory work. All products are manufactured in modern factories and undergo a strict testing procedure in various working conditions. The WATT power tool has been certified in Russia, Belarus, and the European Union.
Makita Since entering the U.S. market in 1970, Makita has established directly operated business bases in about 50 countries around the world, and has upgraded its sales network and after-sales service capabilities to become one of the leading companies of its industry.In addition, Makita is active in manufacturing outside Japan. Including a facility that commenced operations in the United States in 1985, Makita has expanded its global manufacturing base for power tools and other products to encompass China, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Romania and Thailand. At present, the Makita Group manufactures approximately 80% of its products overseas.
Ресанта Resanta is a brand that has earned the trust of consumers and has firmly established itself in the Russian market over several decades of existence. For the last few years, RESANTA has been the market leader in welding inverters and voltage stabilizers in Russia. The range, which includes only welding equipment at the start of production, has significantly expanded today, and now the RESANTA brand offers customers more than 200 items of products, including: voltage stabilizers, radiators, convectors, heat guns, measuring equipment, gasoline generators and power tools.     
Kolner Products of the KÖLNER trademark are positioned as a power tool for those who believe in themselves and are ready to solve independently a problem of any complexity. Thanks to the development of modern technologies, it has become possible to produce affordable and reliable tools. TM KÖLNER products have exactly these qualities. The model range of TM KÖLNER includes tools and equipment - corded drills and cordless screwdrivers, planers and jigsaws, grinders and milling machines, specialized tools, welding equipment and garden equipment. The KÖLNER line has a decent selection of hand tools that modern craftsmen need for carpentry, locksmithing, finishing and other work, both in the construction and renovation of buildings, and in the home workshop. The assortment includes pliers, thin-nose pliers, side cutters, adjustable wrenches, metal shears, hacksaws, tape measures, sets of hand tools. A special group is occupied by consumables - high-quality planer knives, saw blades for jigsaws and circular saw blades. KÖLNER TM tools and equipment have become a real bestseller in chain stores and hypermarkets in Russia and CIS countries due to the affordable price!
Ставр STAVR is a Russian brand of power tools with an extended service life. Since 2008, Russian specialists have been developing, manufacturing and delivering power tools to all regions of Russia and neighboring countries. The appearance of the STAVR trademark in the market of power tools and equipment was due to the presence of a huge, constantly growing demand for a Russian-language tool brand in the middle price segment with professional execution of both the body and internal units. The main difference of this tool is its extended service life, which allows to ensure the fulfillment of any tasks assigned to it in the harsh conditions of construction processes. Power tools with extended service life are currently produced under the STAVR brand: angle grinders, cordless drills - screwdrivers, jigsaws, impact drills, rotary hammers, compressors, welding equipment, including machines for welding plastic pipes, as well as machine tools, garden equipment, thermal equipment, circular saws, planers and more.
Вихрь Vihr is a leading Russian brand of pumping equipment and power tools. Historically, the main focus of production was pumping stations, borehole, drainage, and surface pumps. In the early 2000s, the brand concept underwent major changes, which led to an intensive expansion of the range in order to make the Vihr equipment a true and versatile assistant in the household and in the professional environment. Today, the Vortex brand includes the following product categories: pumps, hand tools, reciprocating compressors and concrete mixers, equipment for cottages and gardens, battery and network screwdrivers, milling, grinding and angle grinders, punchers, drills, circular and cutting saws, grinders and machines for sharpening chains, jigsaws, planes, engravers and thermal guns.  
Huter Huter's Main areas of production are electric generators and garden equipment, for which HUTER is one of the market leaders. All products under the HUTER brand meet the requirements of Russian and international standards. The HUTER line of equipment includes: portable electric generators, both petrol and diesel; motor cultivators; trimmers and lawn mowers; chainsaws; snow removal equipment; high-pressure washers.
Eurolux Eurolux International, established in 1991, is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical and household appliances in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The "Eurolux" logo originated in the town of Kirchheim-Teck near Stuttgart, Germany, where The company created the first retail line of small devices. One of the company's activities is the production of compact welding machines.
Ballu Ballu industrial group specializes in the development and production of climate and engineering equipment.
Many years of experience, in-house research centers and production ensure advanced technologies, quality and reliability embodied in the group's products, ensuring the group's sustainable development today and success in the future. The main markets are Russia, CIS countries, and Eastern Europe.
Sturm! - one of the leaders in the sale of power tools on the Russian market. The assortment line of Sturm! trademark covers both professional and domestic spheres of application - more than 4000 models. All products from the product line are covered by an extended warranty of 14 or 25 months (depending on model). A network of service centers includes 250 authorized partners throughout Russia.
Energomash products are based on developments of the leading domestic research institutes. Energomash tools are created by developers for Russian specialists and designed for operation in extreme conditions. Materials with increased wear resistance are used for assembling. The main units are designed with a large margin of safety, tool bodies are made using special non-slip plastics. "Energomash" are high quality products manufactured in accordance with the strictest requirements.
Hanskönner powertools are developed in a tandem of professional experience of German engineers and applied experience of Russian craftsmen, under strict technological control and compliance with EU quality standards. The tool uses components of the world's leading manufacturers. The defect rate is no more than 2%, and spare parts are always available in the network of authorized centers.
The main focus of Hanskönner is aspects that make the user more efficient and comfortable: ergonomics, weight, design. The meticulousness of the tools is ensured by rigorous quality control along with German machining techniques. Hanskonner is a professional power tools for craftsmen aiming for the best results.
Berossi BEROSSI products are comfortable, useful, practical and functional kitchen accessories, plastic tableware, practical gardening tools, convenient bathroom sets and accessories for the hallway made of high-quality plastic. We are always characterized by the desire to achieve maximum product performance, constant updating and expansion of the range. The first design developments of BEROSSI products appeared in 2002. Since then the Company has worked tirelessly on a range of products and the embodiment of the most creative ideas.
Алеана Aleana Ltd - a large production company for plastics processing. To date, we have following main business activities: products for home, kitchen, garden and plastic furniture. The product range is constantly being updated and expanded.
A separate area - is the production of products manufactured under license agreements with the customer, such as set-top housing for "Samsung Electronics Ukraine", "Saturn", the packaging and release of products to order.
High-quality and competitive products under the TM "Aleana" is focused on broad community and is highly appreciated by consumers in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and other countries.
The main principles of our work - high quality products, lowest cost , best prices . All this is achieved by the latest production system, modern equipment, highly skilled personnel, flexible sales tactics, quality control at every stage of production.
On the plant is installed and constantly updated unique for Ukraine park of equipment, injection molding machines of latest generation of LS Cable. We use in the production only the most advanced technology and imported materials.
Also, the company is worried about preserving the environment, by using in the production energy-saving technologies only, the economical use of natural resources and raw materials, has been successfully applied the system of recycling of defective products and waste.
Сантэкс The SANTEX PLANT is a modern Metalworking enterprise that produces steel enameled dishes, barbecue, and bakeware.
Жестеупаковка Zhesteupakovka is a producer of household goods made of white tin (II and III class of coating) - a sieve for sifting flour, bakeware, grater, fish cleaning, grates in the sink, trays, buckets, etc.
Гардарика Gardarika is a Russian manufacturer of cast aluminum cookware made in the glorious Russian traditions. The name comes from the Scandinavian word "Gardariki", meaning "land of Ostrog", which the Varangians called the territory of ancient Russia.
It is the culture and everyday life of the past years that inspires to create reliable, safe and practical dishes using modern technologies.
Dogrular Dogrular A.S. started its Industrial affairs in 1979 and in a short time completed installation and started production at the Konya-Meram establihsments.Paying attention to Client Satisfaction and Quality,Dogrular made production in a short time and became a trademark not only in motherland,but also in the world that millions of families use.
In 2005, Dogrular established the factory in Konya City Industrial Zone which has 26.000 m² covered and 45.000 m² open areas. The company are coming step by step to its targets by having high-tech machine park, researche-development and designing, planning, mechanics and tooling production sections and boosting qualities. The main products are: ironing boards, laundry dryers, stairs, shopping trolleys.
Силумин Silumin is a Ukrainian manufacturing company that holds a leading position in the production of household tableware made of food-grade aluminum alloys. Product range: products for tourism and outdoor activities, goose coops, oven pots, bread molds, etc.
Пластик Репаблик The history of the Plastic Republic company begins in 1996, when the first production was established, and the company entered the market with a small line of household goods.
Today, Plastic Republic is the largest manufacturer of plastic products for household use. Products are represented by 8 brands, each of which is a leader in its field. The company's share is about 20% in the Russian market. We are expanding our presence in Neighboring Countries. The company's products can be found on the shelves of almost all Russian chain hypermarkets, supermarkets, as well as in stores for home, children's goods and repairs.
One of the main competitive advantages of Plastic Republic is working in a multi-brand format. This is due to the desire to be closer to the consumer, to understand and anticipate their expectations, in order to eventually create unique products that differ from the offers of other manufacturers.
Our brands:
Giaretti-kitchen products ("Cooking with love!")
Plastic Centre-home goods;
Avertum- filter-water jugs and cartridges ("Smart technologies")
Branq - products for stylish space organization ("Home essential")
Little Angel-products for children;
Svip-cleaning products ("CLEAN IS BEAUTIFUL")
InGreen - products for floriculture and gardening
Blocker-DIY products ("in men's interests")
RED PRICE - products at the same price on branded shelves.
Метрот Metalac Posudje holds status of a major cookware producer in Europe. Thanks to high qualitty of products and reliable business about 70 percent of enamel cookware production goes to customers in 25 countries of the world, mostly EU and Russia. The most important buyers of Metalac cookware are partners from France, Russia, Spain, England, Germany, Italy... and from 2005 we are also present in the markets of USA and Australia. On the local terrain Metalac is absolute leader holding 65 percent share of the cookware market.  About 6 million cookware units from Metyalac find way to customers thrughout the world yearly.
Интерос INTERROS is the exclusive representative of the largest Turkish manufacturer of enameled tableware AVSAR ENAMEL in Russia and the former Soviet Union.
AVSAR ENAMEL supplies its products to more than 40 countries, among which the Russian Federation is the most priority export destination. That is why the manufacturer, together with INTEROS, developed the most successful and popular options for decorating decals, shapes and the General assortment of enameled tableware offered on the Russian market.
The range includes fully decorated enameled dishes and dishes covered with white enamel with a pattern. You can choose from a wide range of details and color options.
Демидовский SCOVO is a national tableware brand known both in Russia and abroad.
The company produces сookware with non-stick coating, сeramic-coated dishes, polished and matte kitchenware utensils made of uncoated aluminium, household goods made of aluminum.
Today, more than 400 items are produced under the SCOVO ® brand.
All products are manufactured in Russia at two plants:
JSC "Plant Demidovsky" in Kamensk-Uralsky (Sverdlovsk region)
LLC "Skovo" in Stupino (Moscow region)
Калитва Manufacturer of tableware under the trademark Kalitva TM — the largest enterprise in the South of Russia for the production of aluminum semi-finished products, founded in 1954 — JSC "Aluminum metallurg Rus", Belaya Kalitva, Rostov region.
The company produces products for major industries — aerospace, oil and gas, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering. In May 1969, the company started producing brushed aluminum cookware.
The company has equipment for a full cycle of production of tableware, starting from the creation of the initial billet from primary aluminum and ending with the final products.
The Kalitva TM cookware brand is known to several generations of Russians — it was in 1982 that it was one of the first in the country to produce non-stick pans.
Today, the company produces the following categories of cookware: pans, saucepans and ladles, baking pans and bakeware with non-stick coating, as well as aluminum cookware without coating, manty cauldrons, juice cookers, camping pots, dishes for public catering and agriculture.
Appetite Having made the first steps in 2007, Appetite tableware and kitchen accessories now confidently occupy high positions in network retail, wholesale and traditional retail.
Many product groups in the basic price segment help to fully meet the needs of customers and efficiently and inexpensively equip the kitchen. Thus, every family has the opportunity to choose the best quality for less money, which has become especially important recently. Stylish packaging, combined with a single concept, allows you to recognize dishes in different departments of stores and complete the kitchen space of your choice. The packaging contains all the necessary information and, thanks to its bright design, turns the product into a welcome purchase and a wonderful gift.
Appetite is a brand that unites people who understand the importance of a healthy diet and choose an active lifestyle. TM Appetite is a part of home cooking and comfort, cooking healthy food.
ЭлБэт The company has been operating on the Russian market since 2002. During this time, ELBET PRO has come a long way from a small manufacturing company to one of the largest manufacturers of suburban household electrical equipment in Russia. The company carries out production of country equipment on high-class equipment with the use of a minimum share of manual labor, which allows us to ensure the high quality of our products.           
Эмаль Магнитогорск LLC Enamel Magnitogorsk was founded in 1954 and produces steel enameled tableware for various purposes, constantly developing in accordance with global trends in the market, doing everything possible to ensure that customers are satisfied with both the appearance and functionality of products.
СтальЭмаль The enameled stalemal tableware produced by the plant is intended for heat treatment of food products, for cooking cold dishes and table setting, for storing and carrying food products. Enameled dishes of the factory are represented by sets of pots of different shapes and sizes (spherical, cylindrical and conical), teapots, tanks, buckets, colanders, basins, bowls and mugs. Part of the plant's assortment is produced under its own brand — steel enameled tableware "VITROSS". The best imported materials are used in its production: enamels, stainless steel handles, original design decals. All enameled dishes can be purchased on the website.
Under the brand name Bravo, bamboo kitchen utensils are produced. Goods for the kitchen made of wood - it is environmentally friendly, aesthetic and always in fashion. And bamboo is best suited for use in the kitchen, if compared, for example, with domestic materials - pine, birch or beech, because they get moldy, soak and absorb odors. Perfectly sanded material, the absence of harmful formaldehyde adhesives, high-quality packaging, as well as resistance to temperature, moisture, mold and rot - that is what distinguishes Bravo products from similar proposals on the market.
Manufacturer of plastic products from Russia. Modern equipment of Italian and Portuguese manufacture is installed at the enterprises. The company's production is built on a solid infrastructure base, which, among other things, includes an unparalleled mold cooling system, an automatic feed system for raw materials, a reliable power supply. IML technology (IN-MOLD LABELING) allows getting sharp graphics and photo-realistic image on the plastic surface, resistant to washing and abrasion. The company has implemented two-component molding technology, which allows to realize unique performance characteristics of products, which significantly increases the quality of the assortment.